[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R.

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Sat Aug 22 11:22:46 EDT 2015

Pardon me Todd for quoting you but I want to urge everyone to participate in 
the public discussion.  Many times very good information or opinions are not 
stated publically and I would like to read them and I feel a lot of others 
would too.  They may provide the foundation for a comment to be filed with 
the leaders in government.  That statement includes both sides of this and 
other issues.

I try to assure everyone they will not be singled out for ridicule nor 
insults.  If I see things going that way, I try to remind everyone that the 
issue is open to discussion among all of us and I hope no one feels they 
will be out of place stating their opinions.  Remember the written word is 
cold, lacking the emotion that can be conveyed personally by facial or hand 
expressions.  Try to read everything you write for everyone's understanding 
of the issue you wish to address.

Should you be, truly, offended I will address the situation.  Simply send me 
a message and tell me.  I try to be fair to everyone.

Remember to stay within the boundaries of the issue and leave personal 
feelings toward others out.  This board is for discussion about how we can 
further our hobby, especially the AM mode and by extension CW.  That does 
not mean that "only" the AM mode will be discussed.  I view the exchanges 
here as the same as a QSO on the air.

Have fun and live it up!


Todd, KA1KAQ wrote

"Along with one list reply I've received several private replies from
members who just don't want to get involved in banging their heads against
the wall in this discussion. " 

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