[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R.

Mike - WZ5Q wz5q at wz5q.net
Sat Aug 22 12:11:32 EDT 2015

     Since everyone is weighing in on this subject, I decided to add my 
comments. There are allot of good points in this discussion, so many 
that I will not comment on them all, I will just give my opinions on the 

     HOA's are just that, a Home Owners Association. To live there you 
have to give up your rights and turn them over to the association. They 
will tell you what you can or cannot do to your personal property. You 
must be the good little sheep and follow their mandates as it is written 
in the bylaws or in their verdicts when judged. It's the price you must 
pay to reap the benefits they offer. It is a contract that you have to 
sign and your bound by it.
     I would never live in a place like that if I have a choice in the 
matter. I will never give away my freedom to choose and decide what I 
can or can't do to my personal property bought and paid for. To many 
people have died to protect that right. I have just recently moved my 
QTH. When I was looking for the new location, one of the prerequisites 
was that it did not have any type of HOA, Zoning, or neighborhood 
restrictions that would impede, prevent, or interfere with whatever I 
wanted to do to it. I finally found it and am living there now. Of 
course it is out in the country where such things are normal, as I do 
not like city life or the people therein. Just a personal preference. I 
made 2 major mistakes in my life, I married my first wife, then let her 
talk me into moving into the city. That was the most miserable I have 
ever been in my life. I got rid of that 1st mistake and the second took 
care of itself when I moved back to the country.
     That's good advice for the people that are hams when they are 
looking for a place to live, but what about the people that are already 
living in a HOA when they became new hams? This could help them get a 
fair shake whenever they bring up the issue of antennas to the HOA 
board, instead of automatically being denied due to bias, megalomania or 
socialistic attitudes.
     I am definitely not one for new Government laws to dictate what you 
can and can't do in this country. I will have to think about if I agree 
with this proposal or not then make a decision to comment. If it were 
me, I would put up a hidden dipole till caught. I have found it is 
usually easier to ask forgiveness then for permission.



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