[AMRadio] HOAs

W. Harris nbcblue at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 22 14:13:32 EDT 2015

Simple answer, stay away from HOAs if you don't want the restrictions. Did this friend 
of a friend even read the HOA before he signed it?

Bill - K5MIL

< Well, sure.  Except in many areas of the country now virtually ALL 
new homes are being built in these “private clubs”.   One such “private 
club” around here threatened a friend of a friend with a large fine if 
he did not remove the “unsightly” basketball net/backboard from the peak
 of his garage.  He did — he went up on the roof, kicked it down, and 
then moved.  Apparently THIS “club” didn’t appreciate the major scourge 
on a neighborhood and the unsightly mess of teens playing basketball in 
the driveway.  Oh, and you also can’t park a pickup truck in your 
driveway there, either.  Their kind enough to let you OWN one as long as
 it is never seen.
HOAs are the creation of control freaks, and in many way are the modern 
“neighborhood” equivalent of Jim Crow ...
< Grant NQ5T


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