[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R.

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Sat Aug 22 14:19:34 EDT 2015

Todd wrote>>>>Good point, Rob. I agree - in fact, I bet 99.99999% of the
people out there still don't have to live in a home controlled by a HOA
unless they want to.
Why? Freedom of choice. I'll agree that there will be the odd number here or
there that get a job transfer on the spur of the moment and don't have time
to look around, but they are the tiny exception. We had less than a month to
find a place before moving to NC, yet managed to avoid the myriad of
HOA-controlled developments simply by investing a little time and making a
few choices. I understand now that by today's standards, doing such can make
you a bad person for having something someone else chooses not to have, but
it is what it is.

Hi Todd,
I will agree with you on that basic statement that 99.99999% of the people
out there still don't have to live in a home controlled by a HOA unless they
want to.  However when one is in a family, their careers and jobs matter as
well.  When I was single that was another matter.  I guess one could say
that they didn't have to get married and have a family.  My wife has a great
job and one I wouldn't dream of saying my way or the highway.  The benefits
are quite good as well and we need those as I have some health issues!  My
wife Kathy was the one not willing to give up looking for a place I could
put up a tower!  When we lived in an HOA, I waited for 10 years to get the
kids off to college before we got serious about moving so I could do ham
radio with nice antennas.  She is one in a million, loves hams and ham
radio!  We looked for 5 years hard in the area she could commute to.  Our
other house was an hour and 45 minutes away.  So she stay up near her work
during the week.  It was like being single during those 5 years and I feel
like those years were wasted somewhat due to the love of ham radio.  In the
end, we found a fairly nice place that is outside of the surrounding cites.
Still there are restrictions in the County we live in and around the country
the county restrictions are becoming like HOAs.  Also the nearby town has be
able to put us in their planning area, after we moved.  Right now that town
doesn't have any antenna restrictions that I know of and we have check.  My
point is, these HOA like restrictions are coming to everyone.  Maybe not in
my lifetime, but they are coming fast to a county near you, hi.

I have worked hard to promote ham radio where I could, taught classes, etc.
In the end, I see so many just give up the hobby from it being too hard now
to get a simple dipole or vertical up.  With the bands sucking and it looks
like from the predictions it will only get worse.  All of us need to be
concentrating on the low bands below 40m.  Which means longer and higher
antennas to work right!

Putting up a hidden antenna even for 40m is very hard for some folks,
especially new hams in these HOAs.  They always want a do all antenna they
see in QST that I know that are not going to have great luck with.  I know
one contester that had a huge antenna system in his attic that did fairly
well, but after I nearly set my apartment on fire once, I cringed at seeing
his system in the attic.  When I taught ham classes, the main thing I would
focus on each class was antenna, antenna, antenna, is the most important
thing for a ham operator.  Plus they are fun to play and experiment with.
Gezz, I can see the headlines now, ham op is killed because he got
electrocuted in attic or fell through his roof.  How sad if one wanted to
learn antennas if all he had was the inside of his roof area while 100 F
degrees outside   I never mentioned to students, that their only recourse to
get on the air was a hidden antenna or magnetic loop.  That would have been
hugely discouraging.   You need to start with the basics and that usually
means how to construct a dipole.  There are a few questions about a dipole
in each test.

When I got into this hobby over 40 years ago, I never heard one person from
the outside world call an antenna or tower ugly.  Wires were everywhere,
ditto for poles.  Eye sores was folks that kept junk in the yard in a untidy
way and never took care of anything.  We laugh when we heard other areas in
the US telling folks what color to paint their houses.  Even today just
outside nearly all these Mc Mansions HOAs there is all these eye sores
providing them things they need or use, but no complaints from the HOA
board.  Huge power poles, cell mono poles dress as trees, street lights.  We
all pay for those, not just the HOA folks.  

To me if the hobby is going to survive you need to have antennas.  Even
magnetic loops are not above the HOA's wrath.  Some even allow dish TV
antennas, but no ham radio antennas of any kind.  I find this whole thing
fascinating, but sad at the same time!  Yes there is some negations you can
work out before buying, but that doesn't stop the law suits from anyone
wanting to stop an activity you love.

I guess this all boils down to your life experiences.  IMHO, if this is not
stop at some point it will reach everyone, including the non HOA folks out
in the country.  Just Google some of the guys that have fought the counties
in recent years after their neighbors complained.  These guys did what some
of you are saying, they moved out in the country to build their dream
station.  Still some didn't win the battle and moved on after years of legal
battles and money spent.

I wish no one ill feelings on this, even all the ones that disagree with me.
I know I strayed all over the map after my beginning comment about family.
Love all you folks!  

73 de jay/w5jay..

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