[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R.

GRANT YOUNGMAN nq5t at tx.rr.com
Sat Aug 22 16:15:28 EDT 2015

> On Aug 22, 2015, at 2:40 PM, Todd, KA1KAQ <ka1kaq at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 22, 2015 at 12:52 PM, GRANT YOUNGMAN <nq5t at tx.rr.com <mailto:nq5t at tx.rr.com>> wrote:
> Well, sure.  Except in many areas of the country now virtually ALL new homes are being built in these “private clubs”.  
> I disagree and have seen otherwise in my travels. And as mention, in what is supposedly the fastest growing area of the country, we were able to find a home without restrictions and land in a short period of time relatively easily *once we accepted* that there would be trade offs. Now, if what you're referring to are urban areas like Dallas, Houston, NYC, etc, then sure - chances of finding something around there are probably slim. No different than right around Raleigh/Durham/Wake Forest and so on. 
> But it's your choice to live there. Move to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, any number of places with loads of open space, i

Oh, come on.  Montana?  Really?  Kansas?  They go hunting for Progressives in Kansas and hang them when they’re bored on Saturday nights.  So you see, there are other reasons to live or not live in some locale.  You can “disagree” all you want, but you don’t live HERE.  Perhaps we’ve just traveled to different places?

We’ve become a nation of narcissists who think their lives are “ruined" if they see an outside antenna, or if a neighbor has the complete audacity to want their 14 year old kid to be able to play some hoops in the driveway, or a guy down the street has a front door that doesn’t match the three acceptable front door colors in the community, or their marriage is destroyed because someone else gets married that they just don’t think is “right", or the guy that picked the tomato they're happily chowing down on doesn’t meet someone’s requirement for legality, or …...   It’s everywhere.  Groups of people that cannot be happy unless everyone marches in perfect lock step with their compulsion to control what someone else can and cannot do.  That’s all it’s about.  You can argue that “well, you have a choice” all you want.  That doesn’t change the root of the problem.  I gag every time I hear something about “freedom” — because invariably, it means THEIR freedom to make sure you do whatever it is THEY think is ok.

Enough of this.  HOAs are an evil construct.  There should be NO REASON to have to make a “choice” — about an antenna, or a door, or hoops, or the size of your truck in the driveway.  A ham antenna is really the least of the problem.

Grant NQ5T
(Going off to worry about other things.  I’ve made my opinions known to my Senators and Representative — not that that will have much effect, given the lobbyists and donors that buy their votes).

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