[AMRadio] HOAs fighting antenna Parity Act proposal H.R.

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 17:00:56 EDT 2015

Todd you have saying this is your last post on the topic for the past
36 hours.  I wish I had the time to post 1000 word screeds.  You are
the one keeping it alive.

You all who are so madly in love with people running your lives from
some HOA committee can go live in one.  Heck, there's a gigantic one
covering an island about 90 miles south of Key West.  Learn Spanish
and move.  There's an even better one but it's farther away just north
of the DMZ in Korea.   Learn Korean and head west.  Pros:   You get to
be real rare DX.  Cons:  You can't get on the air.  But you get that
in any HOA so it should be alright.



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