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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Aug 24 02:40:36 EDT 2015

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> Haven't we hauled this subject through the dirt long enough? My mailbox is

> Amen, Brother John!  Good grief! The original post was good enough for me
to fish instead of cutting bait.
> b73 Robert W4RL

> Yeah the subject got worn out, I was considering drinking drano if I had
to read another LOL

Amazing  how dead the AM Reflector can become, sometimes going for days or
even a  week or more without a single posting,  but when an
interest-grabbing topic like, for example, the recent Parity Act thread
comes up, postings come out of the woodwork in abundance.  But then, almost
immediately, we get whinging and whining about clogged in-boxes.

Well, what's the point of maintaining this list if no-one uses it?  What's
the point of subscribing to a list if you don't want to receive messages
from it? Some subscribers must prefer a dead reflector instead. If a
filled-up in-box is the problem, there are a couple of available solutions.
The simplest is to subscribe in digest mode.  That way, instead of each and
every posting from the reflector arriving as a separate e-mail, the postings
are stored together until enough messages accumulate to make a digest, which
is then sent out as a single e-mail with the full text of all the
accumulated messages listed in the order of arrival.  That way, it's easy to
open the digest, scroll through the list and read the messages of interest
while ignoring the rest. And this will appear as a single entry in  the
in-box. Sometimes it may take a while for enough messages accumulate to form
a digest, but your mailbox is never flooded.

A second solution is available with most e-mail programs. You can create a
folder, name it  something like "AM Radio Mailing List", and set it up so
that e-mail from a given address such as this reflector will arrive in that
folder instead of the regular in-box.  This has the advantage that messages
appear instantly as soon as they are transmitted, but you have to take the
trouble to set up the folder, and it takes longer to open separate
individual messages in a folder than to scroll through  the text in the

I  subscribe to several, including this one, the Broadcast, Topband, RFI,
Tower Talk, Antique Wireless Association, Broadcast Transmitters 4 Ham,
Foreign Language Teachers lists, and a couple others. If I received
individual messages from each list, postings would be arriving every  few
seconds throughout the day and my in-box would indeed be too full to manage.
I choose the digest route, making it easy to keep track and monitor the
messages I  receive.

Another pet peeve of mine with mailing lists is that some folks hit the
reply button to a message of interest without editing or snipping the other
stuff.  So you may get one posting with a short answer to a question,
followed by the full text of the entire digest for  that  day.  Sometimes
you will see multiple exchanges with each posting quoting the entire digest.
Sometimes a message becomes so cluttered that it is difficult to find the
actual response in the midst of all the extraneous lines of text.

Don k4kyv

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