[AMRadio] Sir Chester's clear command of the King's English

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Aug 24 10:24:30 EDT 2015

Kudos to Don Chester!

A simple yet very eloquent restatement of what this proposal really is 
about and not about!

This proposed Legislation simply puts forth the concept of "Reasonable 
Accommodation" in those areas where there are indeed HOAs and CCRs.

It does not propose that "I am a ham radio operator and I should be able 
to do whatever I want".   As was directed toward me in "mostly" one on 
one off list messages.

I do not have this idea in mind at all!

The time will come when I will finally have my XYL retire.  We plan to 
relocate significantly South of here, (Manassas, VA), and it would 
entail attempting to locate a home that I hope would allow "modest" wire 
antennas.  Failing that, I would sit down with whomever is head of the 
HOA/CCR, and propose an antenna scheme that would allow this hobby to 
continue, yet not be something that would be an eyesore to the community.

Perhaps one or two that would be on the roof, yet behind the ridge, 
therefore not "unsightly".

This is precisely as described by Mr. Chester in a very fine manner.  It 
would also be in line with the proposed Legislation.

I do not now, or ever will ask that my hobby impact others by resembling 
an aluminum porcupine bristling with all sort of antennas that stick out 
like a sore thumb.

Thank You Don!

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

On 8/23/2015 11:08 PM, Donald Chester wrote:
> There is nothing in the proposed Parity Act that would change that,
> something that anti-parity-rule hams and others don't seem to grasp. It
> would merely discourage contracts, under the long-settled principle of
> federal pre-emption, from being written in such a way as to exclude
> reasonable outdoor antennas without due consideration of the specific
> situation.  The proposed legislation is based on precedent already in place,
> the 'Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule'.  See
> https://www.fcc.gov/guides/over-air-reception-devices-rule   Parity Act
> legislation would merely expand existing federal pre-emption to cover
> amateur radio, hence its name, placing licensed hams in 'PARITY' with OTA TV
> and satellite users. HOA interests fought OTARD tooth and nail, just as they
> are now fighting this legislation, but it passed Congress, the president
> signed it, and it has never been overturned by any federal court, including

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