[AMRadio] arrl band change proposal

manualman at juno.com manualman at juno.com
Fri Aug 28 10:03:41 EDT 2015

This past mid week we had major solar storm that brought A and K indexes
up into the double digits. Many of the bands during the day had nothing
but hiss and crackle. On Wednesday August 26, there were two CW contests:
SKCC Sprint and CWops Mini-CWT Test. Lots of amateurs only live for

Pete, wa2cwa

On Fri, 28 Aug 2015 09:23:58 -0400 "Bernie  Doran"
<qedconsultants at embarqmail.com> writes:
> Wed. a bit before 10 AM EDT I turned on the rx to 40 meters and was 
> surprised to hear  dozens of high speed CW stations then realized 
> they were 
> calling cq test. Another contest, then at 10 AM the entire CW 
> portion went 
> dead, only hiss and crackle. Nothing to be found any where.   Seems 
> like 
> some only operate contests.
> Also concerned that the arrl will propose a band width limit to 
> conserve 
> space.  What are we saving it for?  Most of the day there is little 
> or no 
> activity.    Bernie W8RPW 

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