[AMRadio] Ham antennas in suburban development

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Aug 31 14:04:24 EDT 2015

From: "Jay Bromley" <jayw5jay at cox.net>

Regardless of your situation, Jay, you have always been able to send a good
signal here, even on 160.

> Sadly county laws are now expanding to antenna regulations at a rapid
> So even if you have a north 40 today and feel safe from antenna
regulations, eventually you might get to experience what a
> typical HOA ham goes through.

That's true. I have had hams living on farm acreage way out in the middle of
nowhere, tell me that they decided to put up a tower or two and discovered
they were under county-wide tower and antenna regulations just as strict as
zoning and HOA rules in suburban developments, even when the antenna or
tower wouldn't be visible beyond the property boundaries.

> There are NO trees here either for me to string wires to.  
That's the  problem in many sub-divisions.  The developers come in and buy
up wooded farm acreage no longer being used for agriculture. The first thing
they do to prepare the site is to bulldoze down all the old mature trees and
level the ground to make the plot look like a desert. Then boxes made of
ticky-tacky that all look  the same are thrown up, and puny little saplings
planted in a lawn freshly sodded over bare clay. I can't see how anyone
could  present a legitimate objection to a property owner stringing a piece
of wire between tall trees on his own property, but problem is, there are no
suitable trees, and the only choice for even a simple dipole would be a mast
or two, which would bring the wrath of every busy-body and HOA Nazi within a
half mile radius.

I live on 100 acres and I'm glad I put my  tower up 35 years ago before all
this nonsense had taken such a foothold throughout the country.  As far as I
know, there are no county-wide tower restrictions here, but you never know
what the future might bring. Since mine would be long ago grandfathered in
place, anyone trying to force me to take it down would be successful over my
dead body.

Don k4kyv

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