[AMRadio] Ham antennas in suburban development

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Farmers RUN the commissioners, Farmers make big bucks on the windmill thing...so the strong arm the commissions to approve them. 
Actually a LOT of the commissioners ARE the farmers.
And yet you can't put up a antenna in your own back yard.
Some stuff needs to change in this country...LOTS of stuff.
Be sure & VOTE.


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What I detest is the new thing in windmills.  They are a blight on the

landscape yet zoning boards, counties and the state government love them.  I

guess the reason is they are a source of revenue, they certainly aren't

pretty nor all that useful.


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Yes, but disgusting, unsightly cell phone towers that ruin every scenic view

from every hilltop in the USA are OK. Sometimes I just don't understand the

decisions we collectively make....73 de N3RHT

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