[AMRadio] Ham antennas in suburban development

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 22:01:41 EDT 2015

cell phone towers don't bother me unless one is so close by it poses
an RFI problem for me.   I really don't see antennas as a partisan
political issue in the U.S.  I think both political parties are
equally apt to cause problems or provide relief.  The Amateur Radio
Parity bill in congress now is sponsored by members of congress from
both parties.

I am dismayed to find out about unincorporated county antenna rules.
I suspect the problems begin when a ham is located in sight of some
homes occupied by city transplants who never want their landscape
vista to change.  Wherever you go you have to make sure you have no
tract homes nearby, no "gentlemen farmers" and such, no one with a
vinyard, just grain silos or cattle and farm homes.  then put up all
your antennas you will ever need ASAP before things can change out
from under you.

It is just one thing right after the other.  BPL, followed by RFI from
you name it, plasma TVs and variable speed furnace motors seem to be
the worst, then came grow lights--now there is some ham battling some
guy who has decorative spot lights up in trees 70 feet high and they
are powered by square wave supplies that are completely unfiltered
with 1/4 wave 75 meter vertical antenna power cords wiping everything
out for him--then the antenna haters and the latest are the "RF makes
me ill" nut cakes.  A ham is going to have to be able to afford his
own pacific island in order to work the only other ham in the world
who can also afford one.


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