[AMRadio] Viking 1

Jim Tonne Tonne at Comcast.net
Sat Dec 19 16:23:45 EST 2015

If that is the case I would bet it is the seller's buddy and if that is 
the case
and if Ebay finds out the seller will be black-listed.

- Jim W4ENE

On 12/19/2015 4:17 PM, w5jo at brightok.net wrote:
> Not only is the price strange but look at the bids. The same guy has 
> repeatedly bid it up.  I think if I placed a bid it would show then 
> the up bid by the other guy.  The guy who is winning started bidding 
> at 320, doubled that amount then took it all the way to the present 
> price.
> I can not explain what is going on, maybe someone who uses eBay 
> regularly can.
> Jim
> W5JO
> -----Original Message-----
> why are people bidding up at $1300 for a Viking 1.
> It is a nice looking one, but still, thirteen hundred bucks? I've
> seen nice looking V1s go for $200 to $250 with the 122 and D104
> included.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Johnson-Viking-1-Ham-Radio-Transmitter-/201484288528 
> Must be the Holiday season or something.  At least it is kind of 
> entertaining.
> Rob
> K5UJ

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