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Mike Bracey mikebracey at att.net
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 The fellow who is winning had put in a really high top bid. At least one other person really wants it and has run the bid up. Every time the bid has risen is because someone else has bid against. It will only show the high bidder until his high bid is topped.

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Not only is the price strange but look at the bids.  The same guy has 
repeatedly bid it up.  I think if I placed a bid it would show then the up 
bid by the other guy.  The guy who is winning started bidding at 320, 
doubled that amount then took it all the way to the present price.

I can not explain what is going on, maybe someone who uses eBay regularly 


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why are people bidding up at $1300 for a Viking 1.

It is a nice looking one, but still, thirteen hundred bucks?  I've
seen nice looking V1s go for $200 to $250 with the 122 and D104


Must be the Holiday season or something.  At least it is kind of 


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