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wa1zuf wa1zuf at juno.com
Sun Dec 20 10:29:05 EST 2015

Yes, your are correct Larry!  I just had breakfast with my antique motorcycle club,  Change Viking 1 to 57 panhead Harley and we had the very same discussion and conclusion this morning regarding E-pay.  
I have a Valiant II that stands me just shy of  $2k. Not likely I'll ever see my money back, however for my own reasons I have no regrets in to wanting a 55 year old transmitter that by all appearances is brand new. I doubt that anyone else would do what I did.  
Today with all of the information we have at our fingers tips, rare should be the buyer who is uninformed to what the relative vaule of an item is. 

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On 12/20/15 5:53 AM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
> The problem with this is that if this thing really sold to a non-shill
> for $1300, then every estate buyer/liquidator who gets an old ham rig
> and searches for old listings will see that:
> "One of these things sold for THIRTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!"
> and no regular ham AM rig will ever be reasonably priced by non-hams
> again, at least not for the next 12 months or so.  I've never bought a
> rig on eBay, but  hams in QTHs where there are no hamfests or one per
> year, may have a problem.
Only if the bidders on future auctions are willing to pay "unreasonable" 
prices. If they aren't, the rigs won't sell at those prices, and if the 
seller is motivated to unload the radio, he'll have to lower his price 
(minimum bid or reserve), and his expectations. It's the free market, 
and it always works. Both buyer and seller get what they want, without 
coercion. It's really a beautiful thing.

If a Viking I sells for $1300, then it's not an "unreasonable price" in 
the eyes of the buyer, although you or I would never pay that kind of 
money for one. In the market, it's only the buyer and seller who matter, 
spectators don't count.


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