[AMRadio] Extra Class isn't dumbed down? (was Viking 1)

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Dec 21 04:29:21 EST 2015

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> Adding on to Larry, NE1S:

> I was approached recently by a fellow with an NC183D.  He was about to
send it to the 
> junk pile because he plugged it in and no sound came out of the
loudspeaker and also 
> there was no microphone connector.  A guy told him it might need a
capacitor.  He 
> thought he would go to the local parts outfit and get a capacitor and fix
it himself.  

> He was a licensed ham.
> - Jim W4ENE

I can raise you one on that. Look in the latest issue of QST, January, 2016,
in the middle of page 66.

An EXTRA CLASS ham writes that he purchased a 20m dipole, then decided to
extend the lengths of both legs to make it resonant on 40.
He found it worked just fine on 40m, but he could  no longer use it on 20,
where the SWR had become extremely high.  He wants someone to explain why he
lost operation on 20m after lengthening the dipole to make it resonate on

Sheesh! I'd be totally embarrassed to have my call sign published with that
letter, archived for public view, for all eternity. The guy who writes the
column should have at least kept it anonymous.

Don k4kyv

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