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Mon Dec 21 10:06:58 EST 2015

I  am 71 Y/o   And i admit  that i am  not an electronics genius,  I've 
been a  ham since 1962.  To get  a ham ticket in those days meant something.   
Something to be proud of  indeed.
  I  took those license exams  in the FCC   office in NYC.    You had to 
know something in those  days . 
 Reading the study materials sold by the ARRL was my  only way to get the 
required and needed knowledge.    There  were no published question pools in 
those days. 
   Two years ago just for the hell of it i  decided that i might like to 
get a FCC commercial  ticket.      Well i went online and read the question  
pool for the Radio Maintainer/with radar endorsement license, i read it  
through  three times in 4 weeks.   This is the current and  highest FCC 
commercial  license.  
   With the test pool answers fresh in my mind i  went to a certified 
testing facility  at a merchant marine academy  in  my area and got a 95 %  
correct answer score.     Bingo   I received that License ,    Why,  simply i 
guess to hang on my wall.  
By memorizing the answers for the exam  do i know  anything much,   NO!!!   
Could i work  on a ship radar , no,       I am not  downgrading my overall  
abilities  i'm just saying how dumbed  down the testing is nowadays.   Its 
a joke. 
" OH WELL "   CB 

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