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> I  am 71 Y/o   And i admit  that i am  not an electronics genius,  I've
> been a  ham since 1962.  To get  a ham ticket in those days meant something.
> Something to be proud of  indeed.
>   I  took those license exams  in the FCC   office in NYC.    You had to
> know something in those  days .

In 1962. I was still in high school and across the street from the  
school, I heard strange sounds.  Being more curious than cautious, I  
walked across and met a ham radio talking to another ham in another  
state.  It might as well have been half way around the world.  I was  
hooked ... this was before cell phones and internet.   My grades in  
Geography and World History improved as well as Science and Physics  (  
despite the Van Degraff generator project on the final exam ).

I knew radio was what I wanted to do. and in 1968, I accepted a job in  
broadcast based on my passing the FCC First Class License.

I've worked on 1KW AMs and 50KW AMs  and all between ... What a great job !!
I play radio with other people's radios an I get paid for it.

Is this a great country or what ???

As someone said, the license is a license to LEARN... not an end-all.

I try to learn something new in my profession every day. I try to stay  
ahead of technology improvements.   If you want to learn, it's going  
to be fun .


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