[AMRadio] Antenna disconnects

donroden at hiwaay.net donroden at hiwaay.net
Mon Dec 21 12:31:30 EST 2015

Quoting CL in NC via AMRadio <amradio at mailman.qth.net>:

> I have used a large knife switch for years at the ladder line exit  
> point on the house  to disconnect the line and ground it.

Lightning travels miles .... a six inch disconnect "might" save you from
induced or "sympathetic" voltage spikes on antennas.

  Think of the lightning as the power in the primary winding of an air  
core transformer and your antennas as the secondary winding.

Grounding the antenna will help save your equipment IF the antenna  
ground is a better ground than the ground at your equipment.

All bets are off during a direct lightning strike.


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