Jay Walker jay.walker.voiceover at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 13:16:17 EST 2015

I get most frustrated with those who seek help and then ignore sound
advice because they are looking for an 'easy fix'.

A prime example of that behavior is a credit card boat anchor wannabe
who acquires a nice R-390 then decides he wants to ALIGN the
receiver!! This even after everyone advised him to FIRST perform
basics. Check the tubes, resistance, capacitance checks, and replace any
parts out of tolerance, BEFORE grabbing the 'magic diddle-sticks'.

He may be a short term irritant as he recently purchased a Heath SB-220 and
will most likely 'Darwin' himself out of the hobby.

Thankfully the fellow mentioned previous is more of an exception than not,
as a lot of new hams once they got the ticket, jumped into the learning
process and have become excellent restorers, troubleshooters, and homebrew
artists ..

On exams, even back in 1970 when I got my ticket there was controversy over
the 'Bash' books published at the time. Even then there was always someone
looking for an easier way to get the reward. I still think an Extra should
be able to at least recognize their own call on CW but that's for another

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