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Wed Dec 23 22:08:42 EST 2015

First things first:

                     MERRY CHRISTMAS

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I too went through Physics classes in the early '70s in a very in-depth 
Nuclear Reactor Training school.

In many instances this question of yours is really best taught and 
answered in a classroom with a few circuits and at least 1 dual channel 
Oscilloscope.  Even an antiquated Tek 535 of tube based circuitry.

The same is true with regard to teaching EMI and spikes in the normal 
house every time one flips a power switch.

I used the same when teaching Data Communications as Adjunct Faculty for 
what was then Park College on Fort Meyers, VA.

Let it suffice to say that the simple Oscilloscope Display in a very 
dimmed room, made my point regarding the nature of data transmission and 
the EMI that it can cause without necessary precautions and shielding.

The very first demonstration was the display while turning on the simple 
light switch.

I took an alder TEK Storage Oscilloscope that I was given by MARS before 
I went overseas my last O CONUS tour of duty.

It has finally passed away from over use, both by the prior Military 
usage, the MARS use, and finally - mine!

I only wish I could fit another one of its class into my budget now.  
That is another topic entirely, and NOT for this or any other list!

Let it be, simply age creeps up, time goes on, and eventually retirement 
comes.  Life takes a different meaning for those of us whom then get 
swept into the realm of Medicare and the rest that comes with all that junk!

Bob - N0DGN
[ An Old Curmudgeon ]

On 12/23/2015 9:03 PM, Jim Liles wrote:
> Thanks Nick, Dan, and Don,
> Nick, interesting you brought Maxwell's work front and center.  His third and fourth equations proving that displacing a magnetic or electric field in time and space would precipitate electromagnetic radiation.  These were the genesis for Einstein's theory of relativity.  It also proved that a displaced magnetic or electric field radiate exactly equally.  That’s for another time regarding antennas.
> The reasons regarding most of these concepts were taught in Physics classes until somewhere in the 70’s when the emphasis was redirected to Computer assisted design tools.  Had a Professor in the early 60’s who taught what is now Physics, Applied Physics, and the logic track in Philosophy; he loved to present analogies.  One of the dozens that he used was inductive reactance and behavior.  After Jan 1 I’ll wrap words around the inductive reactance and 90 degree analogy and add it to my web site.  Doesn’t require complex equations, simply easy to understand logic.
> Kindest regards Jim K9AXN

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