[AMRadio] Heavy Metal AM Rally

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sat Dec 26 13:47:35 EST 2015

Hi all, First off as an occasional poster here, I surely do not want to come across negative. Electric Radio magazine and those that make it all possible are wonderful, and the hobby, and radio is better off. That said, I freely admit that I am cheap, and have never subscribed. I surely do not endorse that we openly post any recently Copyrighted material to web forums for legal reasons. Then there is the QST issue where they will never admit when their Copyrights expire.
It is commonplace therefore to refer folks to ER such as, issue 117, or October 2006. Sometimes the back issues are available at a reasonable amount. Where I draw the line though is with something like an announcement of an upcoming contest such as this Heavy Metal Rally. Do we still have to consider this announcement wrapped in a Copyrighted blanket, and sharing it would constitute breaking the law? I wonder how KD0HG if he were still alive would feel about this?

    On Saturday, December 26, 2015 12:25 PM, Larry Szendrei <ne1s at securespeed.us> wrote:

 On 12/26/15 1:04 PM, manualman at juno.com wrote:
> I don't recall Ray posting information on his web site in past years
> either.
> There is a blurb in the November 2015 issue about it as in past years.
> This is a quote in the first line of the blurb:
> " I have been debating not sponsoring the annual Heavy Metal Night this
> year because of almost no response here over the last two years, even
> though operating activity has been good."
> So, if I was sponsoring this event and received little to no feedback
> from the participants on activity, stations worked, unique equipment
> used, etc., I would inclined to consider not being the sponsor for this
> thing. It's not worth my time or effort. If you guys want an annual Heavy
> Metal Night, then actively support the sponsor with activity information.
> It's a relatively simple concept.
FWIW, I sent in my log from last year to Ray. I did all my operating on 
75M in the "window," or "ghetto," if you prefer. I was on constantly 
from 5PM until around midnight EST. I hope to put in a similar effort 
tomorrow night, but will probably quit turn in a bit earlier because my 
XYL gets up for work Monday at 5AM, and I'm in the habit of getting up 
with her.

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