[AMRadio] Heavy Metal AM Rally

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Sun Dec 27 16:14:25 EST 2015

This year may be a real challenge because of the WX in the center of the 
country.  We have had nearly constant rain and thunderstorms for the past 
18-24 hours and it is forecast to continue through today until tomorrow 
morning changing to snow this evening.

At that point the system is forecast to move NE up into the Ohio Valley area 
and that is where I quit reading.

An AM operator some of you may know, Mike, WA5CMI lives near the area of 
Garland, TX where that tornado tracked.  I have not heard anything from him, 
and probably at the very least, his power may be out.  I don't know if 
conditions will allow me to attach my antenna to my equipment or not, but in 
the event I can't good luck to everyone who operates.  Maybe a rain check 
until next week and we can all get on the air again?


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The AM QSO Party sponsored by the AWA has a similar problem - no one
sends in their logs. I attribute it to the fact that most AMers, myself
included, just want to get on the air, exercize our equipment and talk
to other like minded folk, and we loath paperwork! That said, I usually
do the drudgery of sending in a log, which is why I often "win" that
event, without any serious effort or desire to do so - it may be the
only log the event organizers received! 

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