[AMRadio] Heavy Metal AM Rally

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 13:46:55 EST 2015

Glad to read that K5IIA was on the air.  Have not heard a peep out of
him in a long time.

Besides posting here about the HM Rally, be sure to send your accounts
of it to Ray.  He wants as many reports as possible.  Regardless of
the HM Rally, every AM operator (in my opinion) should subscribe to
ER.  It's the only magazine of its kind and deserves our support.
When it comes to AM and vintage radio, CQ and QST etc. suck.  Their
authors even write phrases such as "at one time hams manually tuned
the finals of their rigs;"  "hams used to run separate transmitters
and receivers."  As far as they are concerned we don't exist.  ER is
our magazine.

If Ray says participation is down, he ought to pick a date some time
like mid January.  I am sure many hams are traveling, or taken up with
family and other holiday affairs.  Frankly, I was nonplussed and
disappointed in Ray's choice of a Sunday (not even a Saturday night)
when folks with jobs have to work the next day, and only a few days
after Christmas.  What was he thinking?  I was unable to make the
Rally because I was traveling.

73 and Happy New Year.

Rob K5UJ

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