[AMRadio] Heavy Metal AM Rally

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Dec 28 17:02:11 EST 2015

Rob K5UJ wrote:
> Glad to read that K5IIA was on the air.  Have not heard a peep out of him
in a long time.

I talked with him a couple of nights ago.  He was running low power to a
temporary antenna, but says he will get his old station back together at the
new QTH asap.

> AM operator (in my opinion) should subscribe to ER.  It's the only
magazine of its kind and deserves our support. 
> When it comes to AM and vintage radio, CQ and QST etc. suck.  Their
authors even write phrases such as "at one 
> time hams manually tuned the finals of their rigs;"  "hams used to run
> separate transmitters and receivers."  As far as they are concerned we
don't exist.  ER is our magazine.

That exact same thought has entered my mind.  It's as if there are two
mutually distinct amateur radio hobbies,  like parallel universes: the one
you see depicted in QST, CQ and at the indoor displays at Dayton, and hear
over the air on SSB, versus the one you see in ER and at the Dayton outdoor
flea market, and hear over the air from the homebrew, vintage equipment and
converted BC transmitter AM stations. While in the real world there is
considerable overlap and many hams dabble in both worlds, someone totally
unfamiliar with  radio would never know that the other one existed just from
looking over or reading articles, editorials and ads in an issue of QST or
CQ that one happened to come across in the library or doctor's office
waiting room.

> If Ray says participation is down, he ought to pick a date some time like
mid January.  I am sure many hams are traveling, or taken up with family and
other holiday affairs.  Frankly, I was 
>  nonplussed and disappointed in Ray's choice of a Sunday (not even a
Saturday night) when folks with jobs have to work the next day, and only a
few days after Christmas

I didn't participate this year because I was out for most of the evening and
the band was filled with too much QRN and too many pissweakers when I
returned and turned on the  receiver. I just hope this stormy weather
pattern hasn't set in for the season.  I know there is a major el niño in
progress, reportedly perhaps the strongest on record. I recall the  strong
one in 1982 when the summer static just never quite went away and the bands
stayed noisy all fall and winter long.  That was the year the west  coast
was constantly pounded with one  pacific storm after another which actually
eroded away parts of the California coastal highway. This year N America
been blessed with stable atmospheric conditions despite  record warm
temperatures until this latest outbreak, but we'll have to wait to see
what's in store for the rest of the season.

Don k4kyv

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