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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Dec 29 01:39:09 EST 2015

> Anyway, in the blizzard of comments, the copyright problem didn't seem to
be answered. The term "Fair Use" allows persons other than the copyright
holder to cite material,
> make comments, etc. In my opinion, posting the particulars of the event
online would be covered. As someone else pointed out, Ray and ER very
probably would not mind.
> Klc

As you say, regardless, I don't think Ray would mind in any case.  

IMO someone was being over-paranoid to be afraid that merely passing along
the date and time of the HM Rally as published in ER would be a  violation
of Ray's copyright.  For example, if you read a news item in the local
newspaper, the publisher might pursue it as a violation of his copyright if
you post it verbatim over the internet without his permission, or you make
multiple photocopies of the newspaper page and distribute them to the
public.  But if you read the article, note the specific details of events
and re-phrase in your own words a description of facts derived from the
original article, whether or not you cite your original source, there would
be no grounds for anyone to claim a copyright violation. I recall from my
university days those were pretty much the standards to observe when writing
a term paper. Radio and TV news  journalists report information published in
copyrighted books, magazines and newspapers all the time and vice versa,
with no worries unless proprietary information not publicly available, such
as unpublished trade secrets, is disclosed.

Another example would be the schematic of a piece of commercial equipment.
The manufacturer could go after you for photocopying the schematic from his
owner's manual and re-publishing it, but if you purchase or borrow the
physical piece of equipment, trace out your own schematic and publish it or
post it on the web, you are merely reporting the findings of your own
observation and investigation of a physical  fact, not re-publishing
copyrighted material. 

Don k4kyv

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