[AMRadio] Heavy Metal AM Rally

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 05:50:50 EST 2015

I posted a day or two ago:

>> If Ray says participation is down, he ought to pick a date some time like
> mid January.  I am sure many hams are traveling, or taken up with family and
> other holiday affairs.  Frankly, I was
>>  nonplussed and disappointed in Ray's choice of a Sunday (not even a
> Saturday night) when folks with jobs have to work the next day, and only a
> few days after Christmas

I should have also stated to be fair, that organizing an operating
event involves some extra work and time and it seems there was a nice
turnout, at least here in the East.  Have not heard how much activity
there was out in the Rockies and points west.  Ray should be thanked
for keeping the event alive and honoring Bill KD0HG.  So, thank you
Ray.  Also, no matter when you schedule something, someone will piss
and moan like I did.

One thing I noticed while listening at a friend's QTH (so I _was_ able
to participate, just not at the home QTH) was that everyone seemed to
pile on to one 75 m. frequency, 3880.  Didn't hear a thing on 160,
maybe due to the poor band condx, but I wish AM stations had spread
out more on 75.  That was a big reason I didn't transmit, I didn't
want to get in with 30 stations and wait an hour for my turn.



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