[AMRadio] Protocol to remove a stuck slug.

Jim Liles hallicrafterssr2000 at k9axn.com
Tue Feb 3 19:15:58 EST 2015

Hi Curt,

The coil is loose in the mount because someone tried to drill it out or 
aggressively twisted it.  These old slugs have become fragile over the years 
and often crack when you try to align the radio.  There is no way to get 
that thing out without destroying it.

Here is a simple foolproof way to do it without doing any damage.

Take a coping saw blade that will fit through the existing hole and break 
the end off.  Drill a hole in a dowel rod and epoxy the coping saw blade 
into it with the rake of the teeth facing out so it will cut while pulling 
it outward.  Gently, with patience, cut a slice in the slug then do another 
without going completely through.  Get your favorite vacuum nozzle and 
gently probe the slug to see if it will collapse.  If not, do a little more. 
This method is absolute --- it works every time without fail and I have very 
shaky hands.  It has worked for me hundreds of times.

We have also replaced the coils that have been torn loose from drilling or 
aggressively twisting.  I’m not a brain surgeon and don’t wish to be but in 
the Hal line of radios, you need someone from the Mayo clinic to direct the 

Good luck --- Kindest regards Jim K9AXN 

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