[AMRadio] Biasing a Class C modulated final

Paul Baldock paul at paulbaldock.com
Wed Feb 18 12:19:30 EST 2015

At 09:03 AM 2/18/2015, Bernie  Doran wrote:
>Hi Paul: I assume  you are using the 813s in parallel, if so they will not
>like going above 20 meters.

I already have a grid driven linear amplifier with a pair in parallel 
that easily runs 650W PEP on 10 meters. I drive this with my DX-60. 
No parasitic chokes or neutralization necessary. 700V on the screen 
and 2500V on the plates.

>The plate
>resistance would be about 4000 Ohms and with about 30 MMF of output
>capacitance you are just about the limit for a reasonable tank Q on 20

An L-PI solves that problem.

- Paul

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