[AMRadio] RS and tube guarantee

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Feb 22 11:12:07 EST 2015

It is not just the company stores that are suffering.  The franchise stores 
that have been successful will now have to negotiate contracts to supply 
what they need to stay in business.

Around here they had a thriving AT&T business but AT&T built a built a store 
about 30 miles away and pulled the local contract.  Radio Shack, Inc. 
provided an avenue to continue sales but only paid a one time fee rather 
than include the residuals.

They have had a good business over the years and were doing well with the 
normal Radio Shack products that can be replaced but it will be a struggle. 
They have satellite installation for both Direct TV and Dish but it is not a 
constant thing.   Last year they had 5 employees now only the two principals 
run the store.  Suspecting what was going to happen they started selling 
major appliances in another building several months back, but given what has 
happened they will now consolidate into one building.

Sad deal for local businesses.


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Just think of  the many employees that will lose their jobs!

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