[AMRadio] Radio Shack

Harry Vaught, KT4AE kt4ae at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 22 13:57:05 EST 2015

Radio Shack was always at the bottom of my list mainly since in my hi-fi 
days, stores like Lafayette sold name brands and RS had their own.

When we got down to just RS, I bought components occasionally but as 
their selection dwindled, there was little there for the Hallicrafters 
guy and the connectors were overpriced compared to Mouser, AES and 
Amazon.  I did stock up on relays, plugs and jacks when a local RS was 
closing and the components were down to 10%.

I have to say though that when I lived in Maryville, Tennessee, the two 
stores there had at least some knowledgeable people.  The manager of one 
store was a Dynaco collector and a clerk at the other had a lot of 
general electronics knowledge.

More recently, I went to the one remaining store in Athens to get a 
different color LED for one I'd used to replace the pilot light in a 
tube preamp.  The young man asked me the supply voltage, whipped out his 
calculator and was about to compute the size of dropping resistor I 
would need.  I already had one in place so didn't need it but I was 
impressed.  He may never have seen a vacuum tube but he at least knew 
Ohm's law.

Harry, KT4AE
Watkinsville, Georgia

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