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At the risk of being ungentlemanly, there is no need of a White Knight to come riding to Radio Shack's rescue lancing cynicism in the heart or whipping for dogs wagging their mouths.
Radio Shack has for years been a place where you could get some basic parts when you were in need. I can't tell you how many commercial radio stations have been and are being kept on the air by parts from a Radio Shack. I had to drive 5 hours out to Big Spring, Texas to repair a mom and pop FM that had been off the air for a couple of days. I was able to get enough 1/2 W. resistors to parallel and series to make a 2 W. resistor of what value I forget, which coupled with 3' of #10 solid Copper wire from the local hardware / farm supply store that I used to wind a new coil for the PA grid input circuit got the thing back on the air until the proper parts could be flown in overnight. 
I went into a store near downtown Dallas last week to get one of those triple RCA to RCA cables used in AV applications. The girl behind the counter had no idea of what I was talking about. Don't accuse me of being sexist either, the guys working there weren't any help either. I finally found the cables in another part of the store while they were busy pulling out XLR to 1/4" Phone Plug, Y cables, F cables and F splitters asking me if this was what I was talking about.
It truly has become a "you've got questions, we've got a big bag of nothing". This is one reason why Radio Shack is crashing. Management cut out unnecessary things like training trying to save a buck. Other reasons of course are competition, on line purchasing, etc.
And truly, todays youth did not have the opportunity to grow up being able to tear into things and figure them out like we did. It has sadly become a world where if it can't be seen on the GUI or found in a menu it can't be done, or you need to reboot, or change the Mother Board or the Hard Drive, or buy new software, or ................
Bill AD5OL

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Radio Shack served us well for so many years and now I guess it is time to 
kick them in the teeth.

This cynicism is becoming all too common these days.

Just think of  the many employees that will lose their jobs!

Oh, well, typical of our culture and the social media to "bump your gums." 
Many of us should be like a dog who wags his tail and not his mouth!

David Knepper - W3CRA/W3ST

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> Based on a trip to a Radio Shack in Dallas last week, the employee 
> response would most likely be "what's a tube"??????.
> Bill AD5OL
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