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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Feb 25 12:39:03 EST 2015

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From: "Jim Wilhite" <w5jo at brightok.net>

Yes but that type of operation has some people a bit concerned like getting
a DXCC for instance.  If I am not mistaken the ARRL allows credit for
stations worked through this type of operation.  Here is another example for
the average ham.


This isn't the only one.  I ran across one last week that specifically said
a person doesn't need a ham license.  What wasn't clear on that site was if
it controlled stations or was simply an internet site that simulated radio. 
It was aimed at hams on the web site.
From: Eddy Swynar <deswynar at xplornet.ca>
On 2015-02-25, at 10:21 AM, oldradio at comcast.net wrote:

> This takes most of the fun and personal rewards of doing it yourself. 
> [An old ham radio tradition.]
> Why even bother, lying about it is even cheaper/easier.  Did I ever tell
you about the time that I contacted the Titanic on my time machine?
> See what I mean?
> 73, John, K2TQN

Hi John,

I have often said that what's coming next into the wonderful world of radio
sport(?) is the vision of the intrepid Ham turning on his pre-programmed
computer & rig (in that order), then hitting the sack for a good night of

In the morning, when the avid contester arises, he'll leisurely wander down
to shack, coffee in hand, & see on the LCD that his station automatically
"worked" 5,000 other stations in the preceding night's contest, and "earned"
him DXCC, to boot.

You think that day isn't coming...? Hell, it's probably already here.



And eventually even rag-chewing, with coming advancements in artificial
intelligence. Watch a video, go shopping or take a nap while the robot
carries on your QSO for you and saves it all to flash drive. Just  come back
later and scroll through the conversation for anything that might be of

Yet they whinge and whine that AM is a "waste of  spectrum space" because it
has two sidebands.

But then, my CQs are all robotic, recorded on Sony MiniDisc with automatic
station  control. I haven't called a live CQ for years; I just run the  CQ,
and if someone eventually answers, I run over to the operating position and
take manual control of the station.  I doubt if the other op is even aware
that I wasn't calling CQ live. I get a lot more done at  the workbench that

Don k4kyv

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