[AMRadio] 3600-3700 link won't work

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    You obviously did not read or understand the full context of my message. I would invite you to re-read what I posted. What the (be)League(d) did in the past has been wiped cleaned by their actions in the present. Their endorsement of full ‘bot operation’ (not any worse than Glen Baxter’s bulletins, mind you!), their constant insistence of turning the lower end of our bands into gateways to the internet, just to name a few. Don’t get me (or others) started about them attempting to place restrictions on AM operation. There are a few in Newington that have ‘sat in their seat too long’ and need to depart. Maybe after that I may re-new but I haven’t seen any pigs fly in a while.

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Hey Mike,

You have a license and can operate on the air.  I think they represented you OK keeping ham radio on the air since WW-I.  We have no other one or group watching out for us.

73, John, K2TQN

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