[AMRadio] 3600-3700 link won't work

manualman at juno.com manualman at juno.com
Wed Feb 25 14:39:13 EST 2015

I think it has to do with the number of characters in the string. A line
in some e-mail programs only allow "X" number of characters and then
rolls with a "space" to the next line.

This might be easier:
Scroll down to July 2014 and click on number 23 Band Planning Committee.
Also, A further report was made at the January 2015 Board of Directors
So, also review the January 2015 Committee Report, number 22 Band
Planning Committee.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Wed, 25 Feb 2015 10:37:36 -0600 "Donald Chester" <k4kyv at charter.net>
> If the link to the ARRL Committee report didn't work, look for an 
> erroneous
> line break in the URL.  The link came up on my screen as:
> Do
> >>c_23.pdf >>
> even though I typed it in as one line, and other lines in the 
> message longer
> than the URL came through as a single line.  That way, the URL shows 
> up only
> as:
> Do>>,  with the  >>c_23.pdf >> part missing.
> If this is the case, copy and paste the whole URL as a single  line 
> in the
> address bar of your browser.  I don't know why the software that  
> runs
> e-mail programs and web forums does this, but it happens quite 
> frequently
> with me. If I am doing something wrong, I don't know enough about 
> operating
> computers to figure out what it is.
> Don k4kyv 

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