[AMRadio] 3600-3700 link won't work

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 19:22:43 EST 2015

In my opinion, all digital needs to be segregated into its own band
i.e. CW/digital because digital in any form is completely incompatible
with analog voice modes.  the "phone/image" mode is a farce and a
sham.  It is to accommodate digital slopbucketeers, some who use
digital as a deliberate QRM weapon, exploiting the relaxed CW id
requirement that went away around 20 years ago, a BIG mistake.  Even
if the QRM is not deliberate, it is still QRM.

By the way, my standing m.o. is to ignore such emissions, since with
no understandable ID, I am unable to verify if the noise I hear is a
part 15 device, a ham, or an intruder.   The solution is to simply
require any and all digital modes be re-located to some subband, 3500
to 3650.  I'd go along with this if it caused all the digital
slobpucket lids to have to move out of the analog phone band.   Until
then I will operate and ignore digital noise that is unidentified as
far as I am concerned.

160 m. does not seem to have this problem--I am not sure why, but the
same solution should be imposed on at least 40 m. and maybe other



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