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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Jan 13 07:55:08 EST 2015


The Scratchy Apache will hold 100W carrier and 400W Modulated output.  
It will do it without melting anything!

Putting an amp behind it is pretty much impossible unless you go for a 
pair of 4-1000s.

Then you'll be way over legal limits.

I don't run BIG IRON AM any longer.  This 64 year old body can't move a 
BC-610 around any longer.  Although it did 400W carrier, and I won't go 
into what the modulated output was.

A few hundred watts output will get you heard.  Those that claim they 
can't hear you simply have the RF Gain dialed such that it takes a KW+ 
to be heard.

Don't pay them any mind!

I use a 25W signal into a pair of 3-500Zs.  I talk to plenty of folks.

I sit here in VA, and talk to Illinois, West Virginia, PA, and down into 
South Carolina.

Those that really want a QSO will get in and talk to anyone they can hear.

That's all one needs!  It *is* about communicating, not splattering!

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

On 1/13/2015 7:32 AM, Wade Staggs wrote:
> *Good Morning All,*
> *                                       Well, it's the first 500 Watts that
> makes the difference! If I had a Nickel for every time we have heard that.
> Unfortunately I don't own a Heavy ( Big ) Iron and Plate Modulated
> Transmitter ... NOW ..Although I have owned several in the past.  All we
> have to run on AM is the Ten Tec Jupiter and my Heathkit SB-220 Amplifier.
> When the band is quiet, we can get away with a 20 Watt Carrier and then the
> PEP Output is about 100 Watts. When using the SB-220 Amp, that 20 Watts of
> drive nets me about 180 to 200 Watts of Carrier and then the Properly
> Modulated Envelope says that the PEP Output is about 1000 to 1100 Watts.
> Even when we get the Heathkit TX-1 Scratchy Apache restored. I don't
> believe it should be operated with much over about 25 to 30 Watts Carrier.
> Everybody in the AM Window tells me that I have a Great Signal and Great
> Audio. Please, tell me which AM Transmitter will do a 100 to 150 Watt
> Carrier and still have the Headroom to sound good when fully modulated. Am
> I missing something here? Two 6146 tubes at 150 Watts Carrier would need to
> Output 600 Watts PEP when 100% Modulated.... And I would like to see
> someone do this and not Kill the Tubes and or the Power Supply. Yes, I am
> an Old Timer but still young for a Ham at 60 years old. Please, tell me
> what Collins Transmitter using 6146 tubes which can output a 150 Watt
> Carrier and 600 Watts PEP overall and Not Melt Down like the Witch in
> Wizard of Oz when drenched with water? Could somebody please answer this
> question? This is an honest question guys because we have never been well
> off enough to own Collins gear. I can however tell you what would happen if
> we tried this with the FLdx400 Transmitter, TX-1 Scratchy Apache and can
> you imagine how quickly the Glass would ... Suck into itself with the sweep
> tubes in my Yaesu FT-101E? And I don't want to even think about what would
> happen to my SB-200 at 600 Watts Carrier or the SB-220 at 1 KW Carrier.
> Well, the 3-500ZG tubes in the SB-220 might last a while but the Power
> Supply probably wouldn't.*
> *                             73 and May God Bless from Wade/KJ4WS*

Bob - N0DGN

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