[AMRadio] 32V-2 driving 30S-1 plan

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 19:19:07 EST 2015

usually the limitations on an amp designed for slopbucket are cooling
and the power supply.  for continuous buzzard AM you need plate iron
that can comfortably supply twice resting carrier current and you
usually have to up the cooling because most commercial mfrs make hammy
appliance amps to run with quiet cooling, because ops piss and moan
about the fan noise if they make them to run real power continuous.
Many hams also piss and moan about any rig that weighs more than 30
pounds so they also make them with lightweight iron to cut down on the
weight.  Forget about PEP--that's slopbucket power language; run what
carrier you can get out of the amp and look at the peaks on a
scope--if they aren't flat you are okay.

Don't know much about the 30S-1, but as an older design it may be
better built.  Check the manual spec's to see what Collins set forth
on the RF power capability--some mfrs have one claim for SSB/CW and
another for RTTY.  Or they may have a 10 minute time limit.  Anything
like that is a clue that you have to study the plate transformer
rating for CCS current and look at how the tube is cooled.  Keep an
eye on things, especially at first--if the carrier power drops after a
few minutes, or the line vswr changes, something is probably heating
and drifting--might be in the feedline or the amp's output network.
Cheap tuners, low pass TV filters, etc. zorch and succumb to AM.



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