[AMRadio] Free BC-1G in Burns OR

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 20:16:25 EST 2015

Link Reed-Nickerson is retiring and cleaning house.  He is a broadcast
engineer out in Burns OR and has a BC-1G free for hauling.  With his
permission I am sending his email to the AM list.

I've retired, decided to clean house, and sell this equipment I have
in Eastern Oregon.

I've got a two-tower AM-19.

Kintronic Labs Phasor for a 3-tower DA and 3 ATU's that came from
Beverly, MA, were only in service for a couple of years and look like
they just rolled off the production line.  I was going to repurpose
them with the help of Ben Dawson for a 2-tower DA on 1210".  To heck
with it, I'm retired and living in Australia, I've had enough radio
for one life time!

3 - Austin A-4197-L base insulators

800+ feet of 7/8 Heliax (aluminum jacket).

A two-bay rototiller for 92.7 with radomes, end fed, 2-bay.  8kw power
rating.  On ground, replaced with 4 bay.

Comrex Bric-link pair, used about a year.

Gates BC-1G. That's free to any ham that wants it.

Stations are for sale, too!

Contact me at lincnickerson at gmail.com. Or call or email ashley at
kbnh.am. 541-589-1613

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