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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Jan 16 02:47:22 EST 2015

>>>>>From: Rob Atkinson <ranchorobbo at gmail.com>

"375 watts" and "PEP" are ridiculous concepts developed for the modern era
of slopbucket/CW linear amps, cheap hammy watt meters and should not be a
part of RF power conversations in the realistic AM world in my opinion.

No one can precisely measure PEP or "375 watts."  Rarely does anyone operate
into a 50 J0 load.  Let's quit kidding ourselves.  Just run whatever carrier
you can get out of your rig, modulate it to near 100% negative and move on.

The exception is for anyone who has never in his life driven over the speed
limit on US highways.  If you are one of those types you may go ahead and
obsess over the 375 watt nonsense.



Which brings up another one of my pet peeves. Now, this  has nothing to do
with the so-called "legal limit", which was always defined in terms of DC
input to the final from the very beginning of amateur radio licensing, until
Johnny Johnston  rammed through his bogus p.e.p. bull Shi'ite, by way of a
demonstrably fraudulent proceeding (I have documentation on file), but
that's a whole other topic for another day.

What I am talking about is how AMers are increasingly describing over the
air these days, the power they are running.  When talking about AM, "100
watts" is understood to mean 100 watts CARRIER power. WLS and WSM run 50,000
watts... of CARRIER! It really gores my ox whenever I hear some AMer
announce how he is running 100 watts and then dutifully add that he is
'peaking up to' 400 watts (or whatever). 

Let's get out of this slopbucket mind set, and describe our power in AM
terms. In other words, CARRIER power! Unless stated otherwise, it is assumed
that an AM transmitter is being modulated to 100% or somewhere close to it.
If the other fellow is interested in the p.e.p., let him figure that out for

The only situation where we have any reason to announce our carrier power,
and then add what it's peaking up to, is when we are running controlled
carrier, since the carrier increases to a higher level when modulation is
present. In that case, you might be running your DX-60 or T4X at 40 watts
carrier, and peak up to 75, 100 watts or whatever carrier power those rigs
peak up to. Otherwise,  when talking AM, let's stay with AM jargon.

Don k4kyv

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