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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Jan 16 03:11:54 EST 2015

>>>>The amateur community has been brainwashed into the almighty Bird
Wattmeter is "the standard".

Regards, Bob - N0DGN >>>>>

Just as the AM community has been brainwashed into the p.e.p. nonsense. Case
in  point:  " The Scratchy Apache will hold 100W carrier and 400W Modulated

"Modulated output" my arse. The Apache is a 100-watt transmitter.  

And I might add, I wouldn't have any use for a Bird Wattmeter even if
someone gave me one. There isn't a sprig of coax anywhere in my entire
transmitting antenna  system, from the plates of the final to the radiating
element of the antenna. Everything is tied together with link coupling and
balanced open wire line  - the real stuff, #8 and #10 copperweld spaced 2
1/2 and 2 inches apart respectively. None of that oversize TV ribbon with
the square holes punched in the insulation every few inches.

Don k4kyv

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