[AMRadio] Need switch

Jim Liles hallicrafterssr2000 at k9axn.com
Thu Jan 22 14:07:23 EST 2015

Hi Jim,

Send a close up of the switch and the dimensions.  If it’s the 1 7/8” Centralabs might be able to help.  You indicate it is a 20 amp switch.  The single contact 1 7/8” Centralabs switches were 9 amp, and with a contact on both sides, 18 amps.

The 1 7/8“ double contact switch was used in the SR-2000 NCL-2000 and a plethora of other amps.  Both of those amps had a maximum of 15 amps circulating in the tank in high power mode and the switch easily handled the current.  Tests using SSB indicated that a single contact could carry the load in high power mode but would be severely stressed in AM mode.

Take a quick look at http://www.k9axn.com/_mgxroot/page_10872.html.  Does this look like the switch that you need albeit a different configuration?  

Kindest regards Jim K9AXN 

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I am looking for a switch that fits a GK 500A, B  or C.  The one in question is for the coarse loading control.  It is a 6 position, 20 amp switch with 5 progressive shorting contacts.  Either it or the main bandswitch for the final tank circuit will do.  Should you have one I would like to purchase.  The original switch was made by Centralab but there may be alternatives out there.  The only restrictions are mounting is by a 3/8 shaft and nut and the switch fits under a 3 inch chassis.

Any leads would be appreciated.
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