[AMRadio] Clegg Zeus and Interceptor Parts Needed

blimpy blimpboy at sonic.net
Thu Jul 9 17:21:21 EDT 2015

My Clegg Zeus is on the bench for overhaul now.

1.) The 2M Swinging Link  ( loading control)   is missing.

 I need pictures of the original, with dimensions for the link coil  - to 
fabricate new ones
... or the original parts from a  damaged donor transmitter.

2.  RF Deck Bottom cover and the Final Amplifier Compartment Cover  are 
     I plan to fabricate new ones   unless the originals magically appear.
     Again, a pic of the correct P.A. cover would let me chose the right 
material to make it out of.

3.  My spare Interceptor Receiver has a bad power transformer.
     I am looking for an original from a donor Interceptor.

73  Larry  W6WUH
       Occidental, CaL  CM-88

I'm good in QRZ

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