[AMRadio] I get the last laugh after all.

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Jul 14 15:46:06 EDT 2015

For those who derided my efforts to spread the word and correct
misinformation while the comment period for the FCC's 1900-2000 kHz NPRM was
open, I feel vindicated.

Although a number of hams did submit thoughtful comments on the topic, I was
disappointed in the amateur community's overall response.  Practically zero
interest was shown on popular amateur radio discussions boards, even those
claiming to be dedicated to AM and vintage radio. This should have been of
particular interest to AMers since much of our AM activity occurs on this
band. The topic was sparsely mentioned even on Topband Reflector, where the
discussions remained concentrated on contesting and DX. Nevertheless, our
efforts apparently weren't wasted, since the Commission's R & O repeatedly
cited comments submitted by several members of the AM community, including
my own, in their footnotes.

The FCC approved the proposal and it goes into effect in just a few days. 

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Scroll down to paragraphs 30 through 44, beginning on page 15.

Don k4kyv

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