[AMRadio] Plexiglass Glue

blimpy blimpboy at sonic.net
Tue Jul 21 10:09:51 EDT 2015

Tap Plastic sells glue specific to plexiglass... which will also bond to 
Scigrip   16 Fast Set   for Acrylics.   Weldon is the company

working time 5-6 minutes  ( open time)

fixture time   10 minutes   ( clamping time )

80% strength  24 hours

$8 for a LARGE tube

Stinky  glorified airplane glue.

I made plastic clip board for my small Samsun pad, with spring clips, using 
this glue.
Very strong joints which have stood up to being in and out of the flight 
bag,  on and off the
panel of the airplane, and the pad in and out of the holder  repeatedly for 
couple of years.

Should work perfectly for your project.

BTW... lexan is bullet proof, but scratches more easily than plexiglass.

W6WUH - Larry CM-88

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