[AMRadio] FCC dumb and dumber

blimpy blimpboy at sonic.net
Tue Jul 21 10:21:03 EDT 2015

Repurposing the 500 kc beacon band was just plain stupid, IMHO.

We are proceding in the world as if Satellites and Microwave reliance are 
going to last forever,
and that ultra high tech systems that depend entirely on complex LSI 
computer chip factories will also.

Having spent a good deal of my life navigating boats, ships, and aircraft, 
I am here to say
that dirt simple, reliable systems are usually the last ones to fail, and 
the first ones to be fixed again.

I suppose we can vaccum up as much LF spectrum as becomes available... but 
whether there is any will to use
it... who knows ?

If AM broadcasting wasn't self destructing... they would have gobbled our 
160 allocation, which is little used.


As to waving the wand of legitimacy at illegal fishing industry becons..

What do you expect from a largely somnambulent , incompetant,  and 
politically corrupt FCC ?


no political, religious, or economic email, links, or
blogs please. 

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