[AMRadio] A proposal to help curtail pirate radio broadcasters could affect hams

Mike - WZ5Q wz5q at wz5q.net
Thu Jul 30 08:04:58 EDT 2015

     For the most part, the majority of Pirate Broadcasters on HF use 
home-brew or small portable transmitters and not anything huge and heavy 
which would basically confine it to a permanent location. They have to 
be portable and able to move transmitting sites for obvious reasons.
     I agree the problem would be in the way that it was worded, also 
whatever else they decide to tack onto it before it finishes it's trip 
through legislation. Don is correct in the fear of station owners 
stopping any type of sale or donations to the Hams, in this day and 
state of affairs, you really couldn't blame them.
     There has to be an underlying angle for what they are really after 
though... more Control I'm sure.


On 7/28/2015 6:51 PM, Donald Chester wrote:
> The FCC chairman has suggested to Congress to pass a law making it illegal
> to "aid and abet the carrying out of a pirate radio station". We need to
> keep a close eye on this; it could make it more difficult for hams to
> acquire discarded broadcast transmitters, studio equipment, parts and tubes
> from radio stations. Depending on how such a law would be worded, station
> owners and managers might become paranoid about letting hams have material
> that would otherwise be hauled to the dump, out of fear that it could fall
> into the hands of pirate broadcasters and be used for illegal purposes, and
> the station owners held responsible.
> We have already seen something similar happen because of over-reaction to
> the alleged PCB hazard in transformers and capacitors. In one case a station
> out west refused to let a ham have a  retired 1 kw transmitter or any parts
> out of it. When the ham suggested that he remove the capacitors and leave
> them behind for the station management to dispose of "properly", and let him
> take the rest, the station owners still refused, out of fear that everything
> inside the cabinet, including the 833A tubes, might somehow be tainted and
> the feared EPA come down hard on the station.
> This kind of nonsense could easily end up being extended to station owners
> refusing to let hams have anything to be discarded by a broadcast station,
> and who knows, the law could be written in a way as to prohibit such
> donations.
> Don k4kyv

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