[AMRadio] Pirate Paranoia

john johnmb at nc.rr.com
Thu Jul 30 21:20:25 EDT 2015

At 08:55 PM 7/30/2015, Rob Atkinson wrote:

>It is an issue not because the FCC spontaneously wanted something to do;
>It is an issue because professional commercial broadcasters in
>metropolitan areas have been pleading with the FCC to act for some

Then they should try ...gasp...enforcement!

Restricting access to surplus gear will do precisely nothing to FM piracy, 
however it IS easy, it IS splashy and it does play well politically to the 
"pass a law, solve a problem" crowd.

FM transmitter technology is , like most electronics, ever more 
approachable to the average Joe.  You can't legislate it away.

John K5MO 

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