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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Jun 4 15:50:26 EDT 2015

From: Mike - WZ5Q <wz5q at wz5q.net>

I agree as well.
Information like this needs to be disseminated.
> I've found treasures like this, but not all was easy to acquire. It took 
allot of work on my part to line up the logistics, but if it wasn't for 
the original tip, I wouldn't have even known about it.

> Mike WZ5Q

First of all, sorry about the subject line on my previous post.  It's easy
to forget to change it from the digest heading.

That's how I acquired my Gates BC1-T which is now my mainstay rig for 160m.
Not from a web posting, but from a tip I received from someone I ran into at
a small indoor hamfest that otherwise was a complete disappointment.  He
told me about a station about 25  mi from  here that wanted to get rid of
it.  I contacted the manager of the station first thing the following Monday
morning, and he invited me to come up and "we'll see what we can work out".
My first thought was that he would want a lot of money for it, but as it
ended up, the deal was that I could have it free of  charge on the condition
that I removed EVERY TRACE of the thing from the transmitter building and
cleaned up any mess left behind.

Easier said than done; I soon understood why he was so interested in finding
a taker.  Someone had installed the new transmitter where it blockaded the
main door making it impossible to move the old rig out without  having to
disconnect the new transmitter and temporarily move it out of its position.
I suspect previous prospects  had looked over the situation and said no
thanks.  I was about to the point of thinking I'd have to part out the rig,
and then use about a half dozen sheet metal blades with my Skill Saw to cut
the cabinet into pieces to get it out the door.  Then I measured the size of
the rear entrance and discovered that if I removed the side and rear panels,
the door and all that useless junk Gates attached to the front of that
transmitter, I  could barely move the whole thing on its side out the door
with about 1/4" to spare through the opening.  It took me, a ham friend, the
station manager and the announcer (while he put on a long music  tape to
cover his time away from the mic) to lift the cabinet, after all the tubes
and heavy transformers had been removed, out the back door and over a diesel
generator to load it in my truck on a  day when it was about 93 degrees
outside and close to the same number for relative humidity.  We got it all
out and I eventually repaired and modified the transmitter, rather than
parting it out as I had originally intended.

Another case in point is with Grant, W4BVT.  He originally was sniffing
round at nearby BC stations for possible tips on a certain piece of studio
equipment he was  looking for.  Then he happened upon a station that had
been on the air since 1930, and found literally a treasure trove of vintage
transmitter parts and studio equipment, including a Gates Sta-Level and a
Western Electric peak limiter that alone probably would fetch a couple of
grand on ePay, but Grant opted to keep it all.  This included some good 845
tubes that audiophools  hadn't managed to get their grimy mitts on.  I think
he paid $500 for the whole pile of stuff, much of which, including the
Sta-Level and WE limiter, are now on the air at  his station, as  well as a
pair of the 845s now driving his 833A modulators.

Whenever I hear about a  deal like that that's too far away for me to travel
to personally, or it's for something I just don't have any use for, I try to
post it as far and wide as possible in hopes that it won't go to the dump or
to the scrap metal dealer. More than once I eventually received an e-mail
from someone thanking me for the post, saying they checked it out and
acquired some or all of the stuff that was about to be thrown away.

Don k4kyv

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