[AMRadio] FS: Collins R-390

GRANT YOUNGMAN nq5t at tx.rr.com
Sun Jun 28 11:00:09 EDT 2015

After much gnashing of teeth I have reluctantly decided to part with my Collins R-390.  I’m relocating, and have grudgingly realized that as much as I’d like to take it with me, it just isn’t practical.

This receiver (along with a similar R-390A I recently sold) was the centerpiece of my station for many years.  It was “remanufactured” by Rick Mish for me in 2000.  (http://www.dxing.com/r390/r390.htm <http://www.dxing.com/r390/r390.htm>).

It is in beautiful, pristine physical condition.  It developed an issue in the calibrator — the cal can be “slow” to start.  I have tried new crystals, tubes, and completely new calibrator modules, but have not been able to isolate the problem.  i”m likely not smart enough.  That’s a minor problem when looking at the receiver as a whole.  It has been in storage (in a spare bedroom) for a couple of years, so may need some Deoxit here and there.  If you’re interested, and I haven’t pulled my antennas down yet, I can fire it up for you.

I’m asking $2400, LOCAL pickup only (north D/FW metroplex) at this point.  I have an appropriate reusable container to ship, but will only consider doing so later on if the radio is not sold locally.  If you’re interested, drop me a private email, and I’ll send you a phone number.

There are photos here:  https://flic.kr/s/aHskaR7YFq <https://flic.kr/s/aHskaR7YFq>

Grant NQ5T

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